Misuzu Wakai

Born in Fukuoka, currently lives in Tokyo. She creates store signs and interior decoration for both individuals and companies, using blackboards, chalk and paint. She does demonstrations as the RaymayFujii Corp’s Chalk Pastel adviser, and also holds chalk art and lettering workshops throughout Japan. She was a part-time teacher at two vocational schools in Tokyo until 2018.

She has gained high quality drawing skills in her student days, and has a wide experience in the manufacturing industry, such as costume production, graphic design, space design for photo shoots, and scenography for show business. You can ask her to create a design from scratch. She will provide the perfect design and illustrations to meet the needs of her clients.

Part-time teacher at Tokyo Institute of Tourism, and Tokyo School of Business.
Japan Snow Globe Association Certified Snow Dome Instructor.

Hand Drawn Illustrations and Typography Images / SB Creative
Artistic Characters Drawn with a Pen – Hand Lettering / Asahi Shimbun Publications Inc.

Started learning chalk art which is originally from Australia.

Started creating items like welcome boards.

Started her own business and worked on store signs, advertisement illustration, welcome boards, and live painting events using blackboards and chalk.

Opened at chalk art class in Jiyugaoka.
Teaches part-time at vocational schools in Tokyo.
Holds several chalk art demonstration evens and workshops at locations such as Keikyu Department Store Kamioka Station’s art supply section, Ginza Itoya and Sekaido Shinjuku.

McDonalds McCafe by Barista, seasonal menu illustration.
Nomono JR-EAST, advertisement illustration.
Lumine EST Shinjuku, illustration for the restaurant floor guide.
Hakata Farmer’s Market, sign creation, live event.
Pizza Hut Express, illustration for promotion stickers.
Zexy Consultation Counter, welcome board for decoration.
Maker's Mark Craft Highball Stand, wall mural.
Appeared in How to Create Hand Drawn Illustrations and Typography for Stores.
Autobacs Garage Fuchu, wall art on the store’s blackboard.

Took the post of the advisor and instructor for RaymayFujii Corp’s Chalk Pastel .