Growing is the theme of this rich artwork.

A colorful and warm space to “grow” and “learn” in.

Gakken L Staffing welcomes lots of students every day. Their theme is “Growing”. We painted in the entrance and also in the workspace on the pillars and the ceiling. We chose colors that matched the colorful interior. The work was done by Shingo Iwakiri, who has a huge experience of wall art all over the world. He painted away with his original method, where he will paint white over the colors he applied as though he is cutting out the shapes. Every illustration is related to growth. On the ceiling, there’s a dragonfly, which is a symbol of progress, due to the fact that it can only fly forwards. It’s placed as though it is flying towards the CEO’s office. The owl at the entrance is a symbol of knowledge. It is staring from a large tree which expresses growth, at whoever comes by.
Client: 学研エル・スタッフィング / Gakken L Staffing
Place: 執務エリア、エントランス / Working area, Entrance
Size: 横20m×縦2m以内 全箇所計 / Under W20m x H2m Total
Days: 10
Artist: 岩切章悟 / Shingo Iwakiri
Contractor: ヒトバデザイン / HITOBA DESIGN co., ltd.